The Original Cameron AURAMETER

The Original Cameron Aurameter’s success lies in its super sensitivity. Hold it in your hand and you will find that it becomes a natural extension of you – the Dowser.

Verne Cameron first conceived the idea of a simple water-compass in 1930, but it took 22 years of patient trial and error and the building of many prototypes to create an instrument that suited his needs. In fact, his design incorporated five basic instruments all rolled into one – a compass, pendulum, pointer, wand and counting mechanism.

Aurameter Prototypes
Early Prototypes
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A fellow collaborator of the paranormal, Max Freedom Long, author of several books on the Polynesian Huna religion asked Verne if his new device could detect energy fields (auras) around the human body. “I don’t know… I’ve never tried it,” Verne replied. When a test proved eminently successful, Max commented “Why Verne, that’s not a water compass: It’s an Aurameter.” It was then that Verne decided to change the name of his device from a water-compass to an Aurameter,

Bill Cox worked with Verne (his mentor) on many dowsing assignments and they also continued their research into understanding the invisible world of energies that interpenetrate and surround us. It was here that the sensitivity of the Aurameter became indispensible to their amazing discoveries. Over this period of time they co-authored three books together before Verne died. Prior to his passing, Verne handed all his research and rights to the Aurameter over to Bill, so that their investigation into the marginal sciences could continue.

Verne, Mathew and Bill
Bill Cox President of Water for Lake Elsinore Association, joins Mathew Yax, Director and Verne L. Cameron, pioneer Primary Water Locator, in appraising Cameron's 1952 lake develpment plan.
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Like his mentor, Bill’s fame as a professional dowser, using his trusty Aurameter, became worldwide. He worked for clients internationally, gave numerous lectures and workshops in a variety of countries, appeared on TV and radio shows, authored five more books and produced two teaching DVD’s on Dowsing.

Bill teaching in Japan
Bill Cox teaching students in Japan how to use the Aurameter
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Bill dowsing in Bilbao Spain.jpg
Bill dowsing in Bilbao, Spain
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Bill’s continuing investigation into the marginal sciences led to adventures in archeological dowsing. He became co-leader on five scientific research expeditions to the Great Pyramid and Egyptian sites of antiquity. Other journeys included many trips to Mayan, Mexico ruins, Inca sites in Peru, Brazil, North Africa, Israel, India and Europe. As he explored these ancient, mysterious locations and cultures his wonderful findings came about as a result of dowsing with the amazing sensitivity of the Aurameter.

Bill inside the Great Pyramid
Bill inside the Great Pyramid
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The early design of the Aurameter was somewhat crude. After Verne’s passing and at the inventor’s request, in the early 70’s Bill decided to begin manufacturing the Aurameter. At the same time, he set about making improvements to the original model. Based upon his own dowsing expertise, Bill brought the Original Cameron Aurameter to its precision point of balance and refinement that our device is known for today. In addition, he designed what we call the Professional Aurameter. This model includes a “Leveling Bubble” on the handle for consistent action, plus a detachable Pointer Tip, which allows for the attachment of either a Map Needle Pointer or Witness Chamber to the device. All our Aurameters have achieved worldwide success and recognition for their quality of craftsmanship and they are often called the Rolls Royce of dowsing instruments.

Professional Aurameter - Copper
Professional Aurameter - Copper
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We invite you to try one, let it enhance your own dowsing skills and enjoy the unique sensitivity of our Original Cameron AURAMETER

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